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About Me

Hello there!  I’m a California artist who has always had a deep love for images that tell a story.  I started off with a background in painting as a child, taking the normal watercolor and crafts classes that most kids do.  I fell in love with illustration and in particular lurid science fiction and fantasy art with all the obsessive love of a teenage girl.  Somewhere around the same time, I realized that it wasn’t in my future to become the next great painter/illustrator and I thought very little art until late in college when I took up photography to fill up my last semester of classes.  I was instantly hooked.

After that I spent the next few years taking classes in an actual Art Program with Degrees and Everything.  What a glorious time school is!  For anyone out there who doesn’t know if school is for them, I say that there is no greater place to learn and experiment and be encouraged by like minded people.  For every project to learn a new technique, I had the chance to put my own stamp on that assignment and to develop (and discover) what my style was.  After school was over I did have to find a Real Job, and it took quite a long time to get back to exploring my artistic side.

However – there is never a too late, at least until the final goodbye.  So I’m plunging ahead with collating the work I’ve done in the past and excited to share my future explorations.  Thanks so much for stopping by!