Underwater Maternity photos


Remember the other week when this post was going around the internet about photographer Adam Opris and his work with underwater maternity photos?  I wonder if there was an explosion of water-based mothers shortly after  – because if so, I’m proud to say I was in fact very inspired by the article and I had the opportunity to do a little underwater photography on my own.  I woke up one morning with this article sitting in my inbox sent to me by one of my currently pregnant friends (I’m at the stage in my life where I have 5 friends concurrently pregnant) and within a short period of time of me saying “Gee, I wish I could try this!” I had two mothers-to-be willing to jump in the pool with me.

The only reason(s)  I don’t do more underwater photography are because of the cost and logistics.  It’s still expensive just to rent the equipment, and I don’t normally have access to a pool.  Luckily this time, we were able to hop into a friend’s community pool.  And even more luckily, it was deserted – which perhaps is not TOO surprising considering the pool is no longer heated in November and the water is somewhere just north of glacial in temperature.  I really have to give props to my models for braving the cold!  Unlike the last time we shot, none of us could remain in the pool for very long due to the cold, and it’s hard to maintain a calm and happy expression in such conditions.  Nevertheless, we came out with some just gorgeous photos of the day – and I’m so thankful to everyone (husbands and friends) who came along to help with the shoot!








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